What type of maintenance does my fiber glass patio need?

A simple cleaning in spring with your favorite biodegradable  floor cleaning solution.  A simply way to give your patio his original shine.

How long will my fiber glass balcony last?

With a convenable maintenance and annual inspection, your fiber glass patio will last between 15 and 25 years.  Our unique manufacture process seals the balcony and prevent the water infiltration.  Your product will conserve his integrality for years.

What is the warranty on fiber glass balcony and stairs? 

Yes.  All our products have a 5 years warranty against all fabrication defect.

Is it your company that install the balcony?  

No.  Upon delivery, we will drop the balcony on the structure already in place.  Our equipment of motorised ladders goes up to 12 feet high.  All the screw and square are provided, so you will be able to fix the balcony by yourself, or hire a contractor.

How long it will take to produce my order? 

Please, call us to be inform of our actual manufacturing delays.

If my exterior walls are iregular.  How do I take the measurment ?

All balconies are custom manufacture.  The estimator will go on place to take the perfect measures and to make sure that you will be entirely satisfied of your patio.

Is you have any other question, please call our customer service : 819-562-3422